Before I begin, could someone please tell me why Starbucks and some other huge establishments started with CALENDAR collection campaigns? Since when it began to qualify as basic necessity to humanity? If truth be told, Google Keep mobile App is more handy with alarm reminders; while, writing into those precious pages subconsciously provide self gratification like, “Great! My life is being productive.” This mechanical act of writing is no difference with keeping life goals on track.

What and Why to have New Year’s Resolution: Never to give up the person in you and forgive yourself on mistakes you’ve committed.

A. New Year isn’t simple as falling in love with beautiful fireworks. Annually we rejoice birthdays for another gift of life, while, new year is another 365 days to work on ourselves. Resolutions, if we are to realize is not about the FUTURE, but REFLECTIONS OF THE PAST deeds that we missed on hitting PERSONAL TARGETS. Many will pray to shed on weight, some could be a little more spiritual, finding the inner peace through yoga, or to give mother a phone call on a daily basis.

B. New Year’s resolution is a quick review on WHO we are and the people affects us, as we keep in mind, nothing in this world is permanent except “death and taxation.” Relationship is not couple or family bound kind of qualification, even friendship is a commitment too. Commitment is defined as: “The state of being emotionally or intellectually devoted, as to a belief, a course of action, or another person.”1 There is nothing more pleasurable to be with great company, learning and supporting goals of one another to achieve the top, instead of dragging to peer pressure of whatnot.

Unfortunately; never that I believe in the power of New Year’s resolution, to me, it serves as a fiction of HOPE instead of reality.

1. Sadly, these resolutions could easily be mistaken as grocery list, self pact promises were written in a manner as if to buy shampoo in the store, there is a lack of drive of sincerity. How else could one expect to achieve them? There should be a firm goal from the onset, a clear mechanism on how each of them can be achieved, timeline, measurement, and sanction if there’s a missed.


This fictional formula may look so appealing like a well-done quarter pound burger with melted cheese and lots of veggies on it, but this WILL NEVER WORK. Our mind and body is not a corporation to be measured for strict compliance and so to create punishment, because this is INVOLUNTARY SERVITUDE.


2. REACTIVE VS PROACTIVE. Aforementioned, new year’s resolution is a by-product of our reflections from the past, the thought of producing a better versions of ourselves, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Reactive translates a failure to embrace challenges, fear wins, hence a later written promises of BEING BETTER. Mistakes could be hurtful at first but it should be battled head-on, not later, grab every opportunity to grow.

Remember the choices we make is SELF LEADERSHIP. Our Boss is our self.

They said, there are only two (2) things in this world that we can’t ever hide: “love and cough.” To simplify this, learn to nurture and relish yourself from mistakes you’ve done in your lifetime, a new year resolution will never cure sadness and offer fictional kind of happiness. At the of the end, a resolution is just a piece of paper, and gives an absolute power to be revised. Happy New Year!


A Happy New Year #StackStreet readers, to family and friends, kisses and love y’all!

Thank you Stack Street for having me, will always be my pleasure!