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I am a Founder and CEO of StackStreet. I studied Entrepreneurship and Business Law at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. In my past life I did consulting work and product development for digital media companies.



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At the Confluence: Lyon, Where Antiquity & Innovation Merge to Create a True Masterpiece

A short two hour ride from Paris on the TGV (France’s high-speed rail network) lays the city of Lyon, France. Often overlooked as France’s ‘second city’, it doesn’t receive the broad, international notoriety that Paris has long enjoyed. Best known for its culinary prowess, most naturally associate Lyon with world-class food or wine. Unbeknownst to…

Confirmed: iPhone Event September 9th

Today apple sent out official media invites for the previously rumored event date of September 9th. This event will unquestionably mark the release of the iPhone 6, but many media pundits are suggesting that it will also mark the launch of Apple’s highly anticipated wearable. Insiders say the company will release a 4.7-inch model along with a larger…

Origins of the StackStreet Brand

Legacy business news websites have generally failed to create brands that resonate with Millennials and urban communities. When we created the StackStreet brand, there was a fundamental strategy behind our thinking. We spent a lot of time thinking about a brand that would respect Wall Street while at the same time connecting to an urban…

Introducing StackStreet

Business news and analysis is important to everybody in the world. CEO’s rely on it to navigate the mazes of daily management. Government officials rely on it to be responsive to the global economy. Job seekers rely on it to give insight into the latest ways to advance. Millennials rarely use traditional business media……why? At…

Medium Raises a Quiet 25 Million

The once private publishing startup recently opened its doors to the masses by allowing anyone with a twitter account to write on it’s platform. Now they have raised a cool $25 Million to assist a planned expansion and takeover of the new-age blogging space. Many outsiders have doubted the fundraising exercise considering Ev Williams seemingly…

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