Most of the aspiring entrepreneurs have one thing in common – burning passion. They like to do it fast and furious and this is especially crucial in this day and age where social media is rampant and your reputation may rise or fall in the matter of seconds.

It will be even much more critical if you’re involved in a tech startup.

While you’re at it, have you wondered for once whether your passion would end up burning you out, and probably turn ugly? If this thought is lingering in your mind, Grace Clapham’s Change program will probably let you know if this is correct.

Breaking away from the tradition of the conventional accelerator or incubator programs, Clapham’s program would make you take a step back and see if this is really the correct choice for you and probably give you the happiness by letting you realize what you truly want. This is the exact reason why she claims that it is more like a decelerator program than anything else.

It may sound scary especially for the Asian context where the best goes in swift with deadly precision approaches. However, going through Clapham’s program will let you realize whether the startup approach or the idea itself is suitable for you. In addition, her program will probably lead you to a startup in which you will be willing to die for and probably succeed in it.

This seems like an entrepreneur dream come true, right? This program comes at a hefty price. At $2,950 USD per person, one may really think that she isn’t being serious. At that price, you’re getting yourself a 21-days long holiday in Bali, where you get to enjoy activities like surfing, yoga and guided tours and still have the time to sort out your thoughts. Not to mention getting mentors who will actually support you in the startup where you should be doing. It is definitely a deal to go for.

This is the exact reason why she has constantly been making profits and is even considering to expand the program out of Bali – this time in a mountainous region.