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Surety Bonds: What, When and Why?

Surety bonds are one of the best ways to secure your investments in construction business. They protect obligees’ investments and make sure that the project is finished in a timely manner and in accordance with the contract conditions. In legal and finance terms, surety bonds represent a hybrid of insurance and credit. Obligees see surety…

The Rise of Second-Hand Shops

Ever since 2013, the stigma of buying at second-hand shops has been almost completely lifted. In fact, many retailers have unfortunately gone bust in May of this year, while the second-hand shops have displayed nothing but prosperity, owing to the younger generations. Question still remains, though, what has caused this sudden takeover of thrift shops?…

How to Get Rid of Work Stress

Various studies have shown that work stress is the most common source of strain for American adults. Even worse, it steadily increased over the last couple of decades. It is quite normal to experience some work stress every now and then, but if not dealt with, it can accumulate and have extremely negative effects on…

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