Personalization is the in thing these days. One can see it in apparel. It is so easy to get a T short with a printed personalized message. It is just as easy to get a mobile cover printed with a personalized image or logo. The age of selfie focuses on the self and the external appearance where an individual desires to stand out with the help of props and accessories. There is nothing wrong in it. When people are wearing unisex clothes there must be a distinguishing factor and a differentiator.

One can use jewelry, just as well as mobile covers or personalized mugs, to make a personalized style statement. There are two options. One is to wear a necklace with the currently popular name pendants. Even better, one can wear name bracelets as personalized style statements. It can be even more attention grabbing, a reason why they are the hottest thing in fashion accessories.

That bracelets adorn, embellish and add glitz and bling to a lady’s wrist is an undisputed fact. Wearing a slim bracelet with jewels or a thick solid metal or plastic bracelet with plenty of swarovski crystals does work wonders for the looks of the wrist. However, one can be different and instead of a plain bracelet, one can choose to wear name bracelets. One can easily exchange, borrow and wear the common types of bracelets but a name bracelet becomes a very personal article of jewelry. It is because the bracelet has the name of the wearer in bold, solid, 3D lettering connected by chain links that fit around the wrist and keep the name in place. One can just as well opt for a pendant engraved with the wearer’s name. It adds to personalization but in a dazzlingly stylish way. It is also unique. There cannot be another piece like it in the whole world, which fact gives a feeling of additional pride to the owner of such name bracelets.

Fashions tend to go round in circles. At one time conformity was the “in” thing with people choosing to look more or less the same. Now, it is all about looking unique and people spare no efforts to stand out. Whether it is apparel, hair style or accessories, care is bestowed on selecting these pieces to create a unique aura. The bracelet with name pendant is yet another one brick in the identity building of an individual.

Is it an expression of the ego? One may read many meanings in the name so prominently displayed on the bracelets. However, it could be a simple thing such as the need to be stylish and distinctively identifiable. From dyeing one’s hair to wearing standout shoes, there is a need for people to look different and appear as stylized individuals with an identity of their own. The bracelet with a name pendant helps achieve just this effect. Instead of wearing a bracelet that is similar in looks and style to what thousands are wearing, a name bracelet is your very own signature.