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Nadya Rousseau, a self-declared "Mega Hyphenate" is a social media and branding strategist,U.S. Director of digital marketing agency Organizein, and producer and host of Nadya's Identity Files, an online TV show that explores identity from multiple contexts. Most recently, Nadya developed a branding strategy based upon narrative identity to emphasize the importance of story and identity in all that we do. She wears her multiple identities freely and hopes to inspire others to do same!



Antioch University Los Angeles


Bachelors Degree


Business & Social Entrepreneurship|Creative Writing

West Hollywood’s Galerie Montaigne Opens With Style

An eclectic crowd attended the grand opening of  West Hollywood gallery–Galerie Montaigne–which opened its doors Friday night in style and with the Parisian flair expected of une galerie française. Classic cars, massive sculptures (including an epic golden skull with a butterfly accoutrement), and a $1.5 million dollar Faberge egg inspired chair, decorated the red carpet that wrapped around the entire…

Cevin Soling, Director of “The War on Kids”, Talks About Education and a Forthcoming Sequel

Within the last ten years, American news has been dominated by school shootings, stabbings, and teen suicides. While many blame poor parenting and bullying, documentary filmmaker Cevin Soling blames the education system. Soling’s documentary The War on Kids (2009), explores the authoritarian nature of American public schools, illustrating how children are more often condemned than they are…

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