Roku is a small black set-top-box, It is an entertainment device. It is a most powerful streaming player, it remote with built-in videos, audio. It allows you to free and paid content on your TV, via internet. That is streaming internet TV has enjoyed TV shows, movies, music, news channels, and much more. 

How Roku work:

  • Roku Streaming device plug-in your TV HDMI cable port. 
  • Connect your TV to the Roku device.
  • Turn on your TV.
  • Then Roku connected to the internet.
  • Enter your network password.
  • Waiting for download/ update software Roku.
  • Show Your TV screen Roku link Code.
  • Enter these code into

After that, your Roku device is start, and you watch on your TV. If you want see another Roku channels, go to channels store and choose your channels. Another thing, We provides you an opportunity to subscribe new channels on you Roku device, but you may need to your charge for channel store.

If you want another information about activation, just visit our website & get technical support for Roku.