I don’t remember when I started having gallons of chocolates as a part of my life and in fact no one remembers. Maybe chocolate and life are inseparable. Every kid get their first bar of chocolate under two conditions, either he/she was crying or he/she was given a gift for being cute. After this childhood, I guess there comes up numerous occasions to have chocolate. From local to branded chocolates, I also have my journey of chocolates to share with the world.

Local flavor with my siblings

In my times getting a branded or foreign chocolate was like a dream and even when we got one in a blue moon we used to wait for a festival or occasion to come so that we can inaugurate it. But I still remember the essence of a “Paan” or betel leaf flavored chocolate that was a huge hit among us. From our way back home after school, we all used to buy one from the local shopkeeper and sometimes he sued to get us free of cost also.

Cadbury moment of love with first boyfriend

Boys always think that a teenager girl would say a yes to his proposal if he carries a red rose and a Cadbury chocolate. Those were the days of Cadbury Dairy Milk and we all girls used to enact that Cadbury ad girl’s dance moves in the cricket stadium at our terrace. So, my first boyfriend managed to get some of my precious dates because of my love for this chocolate.

Ferrero Rocher with Besties

My best friends of life were formed while I was enrolled in college and started living in hostel and PG’s. All of us used to contribute some money to buy a box of Ferrero Rocher for the birthday girl and that was a prized gift really. I still miss my best friends’ presence whenever I get a box of Ferrero Rocher.

I guess you all have some special moments spent with some really special people where chocolates made your bond stronger. Remember them a bit today and with chocolate online shopping in India send a part of your memory to them.