Liver is another bait that is very popular with catfishing and another one of my favorite cat fishing methods to use. Whatever is readily available at your local supermarket or bait store,it doesn’t really matter whether it’s beef or chicken. Again leaving the liver out in the sun a couple of hours can give it a very appealing scent to the catfish, as you probably are aware, catfish can’t resist something that smells really bad!

Garlic Salt is also a good ingredient that many fishermen use to put on liver to give it a more powerful smell. You will have a busy day of catching catfish just by using as I said earlier nasty smelling bait.

Use Panty Hose For Productive Catfishing Methods

A simple tip is putting your chicken liver in the end of a pantyhose and cutting the pantyhose,then tying it around the hook to keep it secure. Put a handful of garlic salt on the liver and then rub it all over.

Use latex gloves if you are squeamish and don’t won’t your hands to smell as bad as the bait. You can put the liver in the refrigerator for a few hours and the garlic will saturate into the meat. Just remember the smellier the better for the most productive cat fishing methods.

Any catfishing technique is not complete unless your using the appropriate spinning reel and cat fishing hook for your bait. Your bait will certainly come off when casting and you will be left waiting for fish to bite with no bait. Treble hooks are successful in keeping the bait on better and there is considerably less chance of it coming off. A fisherman can purchase treble hooks with tiny springs that keep the bait on but these are not cheap. If a person baits the hook the right way,a no. 5 or no.6 treble hook will accomplish the task of catching big cats consistently.

Whatever catfishing methods you employ always try and add a smelly bait to your arsenal of tactics and you will not be disappointed with your results.