Having family pets ourselves, we fully understand the moving process and changes this could have on you and your pets. They are quick to pick things up for some reason and having a house full of Packing Boxes can bring added stress to them. This can have an impact on them and you as a family. As our pets are classed as part of the family. From being animals lovers ourselves we understand that having a lot of Packing Boxes around can add more stress to them. Depending on your pets. Some cats for example love having extra boxes to climb and get into.

Having a busy life style with working, kids and a family. Life is busy. From one child to having many children Life is just busy in general. When it comes to juggling the move in there as well. It can feel over overwhelming at times not only on them but for you as well. From packing and getting ready for your move. To getting your kids to school and outside activities. Let’s face it the older they get the more they do and the more you need to do. Just get through each day. It is fantastic for their little bodies and mind though. Having your up and coming relocation on your mind can be more stressful If you are not prepared. At Packing Boxes Brisbane, I suggest to the clients to keep a note pad handing to write little notes down. So you don’t forget this. Or you may find yourself stuck in a corner with a roll of bubble wrap popping the bubbles. Get friends and family to help where they can. Take up the offer of help from them.

We recommend you start in one room at a time. If your kids are old enough get them to help with packing. I suggest going through their room and getting rid of anything they no longer need. Then get them to pack their own rooms if they can. That way you are not packing items you no longer need or use. This will save you money on your packaging supplies. Keep the lines of communications open with your kids. Depending on your move. They maybe fine and are looking forward to the change. If you are moving long distance. Get them to have playdates and get phones numbers and emails address of their friends so they can stay in contact. Get some information of their new area. Like schools and parks etc. Things they can do in the area.

From boxes and packing supplies to moving tips if you are not sure what you are doing. You are not alone. We are here to help you in anyway we can. With contacts with business that can help you with the relocation process to help make the job easy for you. From finding a good cleaner to a removal company . We have someone to help you with packing your house. Even when it comes to home renovations being done. So, your house is ready to go on the market. So you can get on with looking after you and your family. There are plenty of services and people out there to help you and give you good advice when needed. So, you and your family plus pets will be safe and taken care of during the process of moving and relocating.