“Mind is a projector not a camera.”–Michael Neill

Michael Neill, a recent speaker at TEDx Bend, made the statement above. What a clear, concise statement about how we create reality. This is basic to the Be/Do/Have equation I use with every client. To be clear, this falls under Doing. Let’s take it apart. Most of us think that what we see/hear/feel is real. I’m sitting in a chair as I type. We think the chair is “real.” Anyone else walking into the room who knew what a chair was would think I was sitting in a chair. We would agree that the chair was “real.” This would mean separate from me, objective, factual. But is it? Or is it, instead, as Coach Neill suggests, a projection of our minds rather than a photograph of objective reality? Admittedly, chair is a collective projection. Namely, we might all project chair onto the hunter green Aeron desk chair in which I am sitting, but try this idea for a moment. I will write a word here, and you let your mind conjure whatever it does … ready? Okay, “Chair.” Did you see my desk chair? Your desk chair? A wing chair? A kitchen chair? A dentist’s chair? A barber chair? A red chair? A blue chair? A green chair? A massage chair? A lawn chair? An electric chair? A wheelchair? A rocking chair? A high chair? You take my point, I think. Chair is … whatever you project it to be. Proof positive that your mind is a projector not a camera. Well, if chair is whatever you project it to be, then so, for example, sticking just to rhyming words, are fair, or scare, or dare. In the one-on-one inner leadership work I do with business folk to help them find the magic within themselves, over and over again, we reach this mind-as-projector place. Just this week, a leader sat in my office telling me she was scared of a diagnosis that had been given to her. It was just her projection. What did she do with the projection? Well, she … uh, … projected it. Like this: Oh my God, I have X. I’ll never be well again. I’ll lose my job. I’ll end up living under a bridge in a box. I’ll die all alone. You see the [downward] trend. Projections all—every one of them. What did we do? We walked back through her scared, allegedly real, projections until we arrived at the Truth which we find is always lurking inside the projections. Namely, that it was her own mind that was making this scary, with a dash of the-doctor-is-the-the-authority-he-oughta-know thrown in for good measure. Truth here? A diagnosis is part of what makes our medical system function these days which allows physicians to be compensated for their expertise, AND a diagnosis is not a prognosis. This was a remarkable CEO who had faced myriad business challenges with alacrity over the years, but a two-word fact [not Truth] in the form of a diagnosis paralyzed her. IN HER OWN MIND. So, my friend, what thing this week has been presented to you as a photograph of reality which is really a projection of your own mind? How do you want to change your inner movie? I can promise you that if you’ll take the time to make a new projection of what you do want, it will go a long way toward the kind of Doing which is effortless. Using your mind for yourself rather than against yourself is one of the ways your Being creates your Doing. Life Movie … Take 37,789,423 … Pic 2 and … Action!