Mansarovar Yatra includes the pilgrimage of both Mount Kailash and Mansarovar Lake. These are considered to be a scared place in our religions. Both the places have ritual values and people from all over India, Nepal, Tibet and neighboring country came to visit them. The counting reaches above lakhs every year. Therefore, there are number of tour operators which are there to facilitate you all facilities related to your journey.

Mount Kailash:

According to Hinduism, Lord Shiva also the lord of Yoga, divine master of Tantra and destroyer of evil resides here with his wife Parvati. In Jainism, Mount Kailash is known as Meru Parvat or Sumeru where the first Jain Tirthankara attained Moksa or Nirvana. In Buddhism, they believe that it is the home of the Buddha Demchok also known as Chakrasamvara. In Bӧn, a religion native to Tibet, believe the entire region as the source of all spiritual power.

Mansarovar Lake:

It is a freshwater lake and also scared to our religion. According to Hinduism, those who drink water from this lake will be purified from all sins they have committed as the water of this lake is the symbol of purity. It is also believed that the lake was first created in the mind of Brahma and then manifested on Earth. Buddhist connects this lake to legendary Lake Anavatapta where Maya conceived Buddha. Jain people associate this lake to their first Tirthankara, Rishabha.

Tour packages:

Due to such a religious significance, numbers of tour operators are there providing Mount Kailash and Mansarovar Yatra. The tour packages have different rate as per the season and facility provided by them. The facility includes basic amenities like food, hotel, vehicles, sometime guides etc. For the people who are not able to climb upto mount Kailash or can afford high prices, special facility of mount Kailash Yatra by helicopter is also there. There charges are flexible and changes according to the season.

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