Since charging is something that is integral to our lives because we have lots of devices that require charging. With that said, with charging being so important, there are many innovations that have led to there being many different types of charging electronics. One of the most useful types of charging electronics is power banks. The reason for that is because power banks are portable chargers that can be taken anywhere. Other charging electronics such as USB wall chargers, car chargers, or Wireless chargers can’t really compare because they require that your devices stay stationary while charging.

With all that said, power banks are a large category themselves because there are lots of companies that sell them and that has resulted in there are being many different types of power banks on the market. In this article, I’ll be going over the most useful types of power banks that there are and why they’re one of the best to have.

Power banks that are Very Small

Small power banks are ones that are most popular and the reason for that is because they have low power capacities. A low power capacity means that fewer batteries are used and that a power bank can take on form factors that are very convenient to have. For example, there are portable chargers that are Slim and slim ones are among the most helpful because it’s about the same size and weight as a smartphone.

These types can literally be taken anywhere with no exceptions.

However, it’s important to realize what they have to offer on a power level. Since they have low power capacities, it means that they’re meant for use with smartphones only. Another thing is that most of these Mini power banks only use a single charging port, so you can only charge a single device at a time. Great for portability, but not so much when it comes to power.

Larger power banks

Power banks that are a lot more useful when it comes to them having higher power capacities and the reason for that is because they’re able to charge smartphones, tablets and many other types of devices to full power multiple times. As a result, these types of power banks can last for long durations, such as days or even weeks depending on how you’re using it and still not need a recharge.

In addition to having a high power capacity, these types of power banks also have many USB ports that enable you to charge many devices at once. Also, charging speeds are a lot faster with these types of power banks and if you have a device that uses Quick Charge or USB-C, then it’s vital to get a power bank that uses those technologies; as you’re able to charge them at max charging speeds. Overall, it’s these types of chargers that are going to require that you read reviews for power banks; the reason being is that there are so many variables to account for and there’s a high chance that you could be stuck with a low-quality power bank if you don’t think it through.

Built-In Cables

Charging cables are used for every charging electronics, but the charging electronic that are most helped by always having a charging cable with them are power banks. That’s because there can be times that you could bring a power bank with you while you’re on the go and forget a cable. That means you can’t use your power bank.

Which is why there are power banks that have built-in cables and these types are the ones that are great to have because you’re always able to use them. One of the best aspects is that they can have more than a just a single cable, as some power banks have two built-in cables and a USB port to use with any charging cable.

There are also ones that have components that are built-in to recharge the power bank such as an AC Adapter or a USB cable.

Rugged Power Banks

Of course, just like most electronics, power banks are fragile. If you were to drop a portable charger onto the hard ground then it would most likely get damaged, because it cannot withstand shock that is generated in the event of a fall. The same is true if it were to be exposed to water because power banks are not waterproof.

If you fear to drop a power bank, then the best solution to have is using a Rugged one. Rugged power banks are just like any other portable charger, but these ones are built a lot better because they have a structure that can withstand falls onto the hard ground. They’re also waterproof when they’re not in use and the USB ports are covered by USB charging port covers.

With all that said, it’s vital to know that even though most of these types of power banks are labeled as “waterproof”, that could mean a lot of things. Since waterproof could mean that they are resistant to splashes of water; there are also ones that can submerge into water. It’s all about taking a look at the Enclosure level and realizing what “Waterproof” means.

Portable Power Sources

A level beyond high capacity power banks and basically beyond portable chargers, in general, are ones that are portable power sources. These types of power banks have enormous power capacities that are within the 100,000mAh range and that makes them able to reliable to use for not only days but also for weeks or even months.

Best of all these sorts of massive power banks use multiple charging ports and also have many powering options too. They’re able to make use of USB ports, a V12 Outlet, a DC Output and also an AC Outlet. So you can power a Mini fridge, charging your laptop and an also charge your smartphone at the same time while you’re relaxing at the beach.

These types of power sources are very large and heavy; not meant for daily use but for power outages and also for traveling.