It has been almost 2 months since I’ve made the switch to the Nexus 6 from the Galaxy Note 3 and all I can say is D*** I miss my Galaxy Note. Two months ago I was looking to upgrade from Note 3 to the Galaxy Note 4, but I was so enamored with Android Lollipop that I decided to skip the Note 4 and go straight Android with the Nexus 6. Two months later, all I can say is MEH. Functionality of the Nexus 6 is pretty good, but overall the production of the Note 3 is what I miss the most and what I’ve learned so far is that the Note 4 is even better. With the Note 3, I was able to handle everyday business productivity with its Samsung built in apps, things that the Nexus 6 requires you to search for in the Google Play store. With the Note 3 there was convenience, but as I’ve learned with the Nexus 6 its complicated. I’m not bashing the Nexus 6, as it is a beast of a phone. The Nexus 6 is by far Google’s best Android phone to date. I’ve constantly enjoy the big screen of the Nexus 6, where I’m like drawn to video sites such as YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime like a magnet. The video quality on the Nexus 6 is outstanding. I’ve spent more time watching movies and videos more on my Nexus 6 than my tablet or computer. Now I consider myself tech savvy, so I was able to find productivity apps for business needs, but dealing with popup adds within the apps is not so great. I’m going on month 3 now with the Nexus 6 and given business and productivity needs, I will be switching back to Samsung. For those of you that are more into videos, games, and pure android than yeah stick with Nexus 6, but as for me the Note 4 is where it is.