The Montessori Method of Education is the superb idea to Get Success for Children in the principle of the mute dictation resulting from the Montessori pedagogy. It is a question of presenting the child with an illustration on a card, then letting it reconstitute the corresponding word by means of moving letters. The use of manipulable materials is one of the bases of the Montessori Method.

The use of colored characters will make it possible to dissociate vowels from consonants, and thus familiarize the child with these notions. The exercise can be adapted to the level of the child by providing him with an example of the word to write if he is in the early stages of learning, or simply by dictating the word to him to write. The images can also be grouped by the difficulty to make the exercise accessible and useful to children from 3 to 9 years old.

You can guide Your Children and Learn them A to Z easily through Movable alphabets

The Movable alphabets are ideal for children who already want to form words but do not yet have enough strength and/or manual dexterity to write, but it is also a very useful material for children who are already able to write letters. In the latter case, it is possible that the child wants to write on a piece of paper the words he has formed. The alphabets incite creativity and new learning in the mind of the kids.

Before presenting the mobile alphabet to a child we need to ensure that met certain requirements:

Let him be able to isolate the sounds that make up a word.

Who knows all the sounds of the alphabet and their corresponding symbols *(which will have worked with the letters sandpaper). If the child does not know all the letters but we perceive that he is interested in forming words, we can present him the mobile alphabet but only the letters he already knows, and with words that we have selected so that they contain only the letters that he knows. It is best if you know them all because you can work on your own with any word that comes to mind.

You do not need to know the name of the letters, in Montessori you learn first the sound of each letter and later its name.

And for our part we must take into account several details when making the presentation:

When the child forms a word we should not ask him to read it. Writing is coding while reading is decoding, and many children are prepared to write long before they are ready to read.

If the child forms a word with misspellings we should not correct it, since in forming the words phonetically it is possible to confuse c with k, b with v and others. This is totally normal at first and the child will correct it over time. When the child feels comfortable forming words, we can show him how to form sentences, making him first so he can see how to leave a space between every two words.