This is not a review of the Animal Planet program, “Monsters Inside Me.” The reason for that is I would die if I had to sit and watch this terrifying television program! Therefore, this is a review of the “Monsters Inside Me” television commercial, which is as close as I am going to get!

These commercials cause my skin to crawl and my stomach to churn, and that’s only the beginning. Every other normal person I have talked to feels the same way I do, and they start itching all over when the commercials come on, too. So WHO is watching these shows? Just from the commercials, I have quickly deduced that I don’t want to be in a room with anyone who watches this program. UGH.

As a brief review for those of you who don’t regularly watch Animal Planet, “Monsters Inside Me” features stories about people who were infested with parasites and other unwelcome inhabitants. The commercial that ran about 8-10 times during the “Yukon Men” marathon tonight featured a young lady with a large pimple-type bump on her leg. She described a creature poking out a light-colored tube and retreating back into her leg. Yikes! Animal Planet combines real footage with reenactments to create a frightening piece of film.

Judging from reactions I have seen to these commercials, Animal Planet is putting a strain on their relationship with their loyal viewers. The same viewers who like to watch people be gored by a run-away bull at a rodeo cannot even look when you show a person being infested by living organisms. Possibly, they don’t expect to be in a rodeo, but they know that they could be infested by a strange parasite.

Please, Animal Planet, take these commercials with that awful narrator’s voice off the air. If a few misfits want to eat popcorn and watch parasites creep in and out of holes in people’s bodies, let them go for it with gusto.  Please, just don’t ruin the night’s sleep for everyone else who has to suffer through this.