Yusuf Ibn Jafar el-Amudi used to take sums of money, sometimes very large ones, from those who came to study with him. A distinguished legalist visiting him once said: “I am enchanted and impressed by your teachings, and i am sure that you are directing you disciples in a proper manner.

But it’s not accordance with tradition to take money for knowledge. Besides, the action is open to misinterpretation.” El-Ahmudi replied: “I have never sold any knowledge. There is no money on earth sufficient to pay for it. As for misinterpretation, the abstaining from taking money will not prevent it, for it will find some other object. Rather should you know that a man who takes money may be greedy for money or he may not. But a man who takes nothing at all is under the gravest suspicion of robbing the disciple of his soul. People who say ‘i take nothing.’ may be found to take away the volition of their victim.”

The Dermis Probe. Idries Shah, 1970


Everything thing has a price, hence everything must be judged by it cost.

Offer nothing for free. What you offer for free leaves the receiver with doubt of quality.

People tend to appreciate the value of what they pay for, make them pay for your talent or resources.

Further Insight on Paying the Price

“There is nothing for free in life. The more you try to get free things. The more you pay for them with your own life. They will cost you more than you should have paid.” De Philosopher Dj Jyos

“Price ain’t merely about numbers. It’s a satisfying sacrifice.” Toba Beta

“Value is more expensive than price.” Toba Beta

“So much the better. The higher the price you have to pay, the more you will cherish it.” Lloyd C. Douglas

“You can be rich or poor. Money has no favor but kind to those who work for it.” De Philosopher Dj Jyos