What if your mother (or father) was right? Not about everything, but about some important things.

What if parents are not just nags, but people who actually know a few things and have some great ideas about how to make our lives better? The fact is that they love us with the information and experiences from their lives and although the advice sometimes seems a bit off, outdated, or just strange, we may want to seek out the things they are/were right about.

I just went through this exercise recently, and it turns out that there are eight things my mother was right about and I want to share them with you.

1- Make sure you make really good friends– if you do, they will stay by you for a lifetime.

2- Don’t ever give anyone anything you wouldn’t want for yourself. If you feel the inclination, it’s better not to give anything at all.

3- Don’t be a jealous person – someone will always have more than you, or something bigger and better than you do and you will always be miserable.

4- You can do anything you set your mind to! Anything you are serious about and willing to dedicate yourself to.

5- Dress up when you feel down – wear bright colors. It will make you feel better and make those around you feel good as well.

6- Mind your manners – always say good morning, goodbye, please, and thank you. People appreciate that and it will focus their attention on your interaction.

7- Count your blessings – be grateful for what you have…

8- If you can help someone – do it. Pay it forward.

The truth is she was right about a lot of other things but these come up most regularly in daily life and they have improved my life in more ways than I can count.

Enjoy taking your own inventory.