The term modest fashion identifies fashion in line with Islamic principles, but there is no unambiguous interpretation as it is influenced by socio-cultural characterizations of each country. Browse our store and you’ll find an irresistible array of long Islamic tunic tops and kurtis, modest wear, kaftans and formal modest dresses, comfortable loose pants, maxi skirts and a unique handpicked selection of colorful wrap Hijabs, designed and shipped.

Although there are many reasons why a woman might choose to keep herself relatively covered up (age, professionalism, geographic location), to anybody who doesn’t prescribe to a conservative religious ideology, modesty” evokes images of Muslim women cloaked in head-to-toe burkas, Mormon sister-wives in prairie gowns, or Orthodox Jews in long skirts and wigs.

We have an assortment of stylish maxi skirts that you can wear for different occasions, and can go everywhere wearing it wherever you wish to go. Our maxi skirts not only give you a comfort to do household chores, but you will have an opportunity to make your own style statement.

Other pieces customers can look forward to shopping in the spring-summer collection include long skirts and pants and tunics that can be put together a long maxi dresses black dress with a high neckline and long sleeves inspired by the abaya, as well as foundation pieces, like inner hijabs to wear under a hijab or while playing sports, to keep hair in place.

Bint Abayas can be modest wearing the most provocative thing ever (theoretically if she somehow isn’t wearing it for attention), maxi skirts but she would almost certainly be selfish because she isn’t thinking of the impact of others, therefore she would be sinning. For more information, please visit our site