In Brunei, a small country on the northern coast of Borneo, a cutting-edge healthcare information system is delivering big and universal health benefits. With support from DXC, the Ministry of Health Brunei (MOHB) has achieved a first-of-its-kind milestone in healthcare: the implementation of an agile health-information management system containing the health records of every citizen in an entire country.

Thanks to Brunei’s plentiful reserves of oil and natural gas, its citizens enjoy a high standard of living, and that includes healthcare and medical services provided by the federal government. Building on that foundation, MOHB — which oversees Brunei’s four government hospitals and 60 health centers and clinics — sought to implement a comprehensive healthcare information system. It wanted a system that would span all of the country’s health facilities and, operating under a “one patient/one record” philosophy, make every health record easily accessible to physicians and other healthcare professionals anywhere, anytime.

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