Saving energy helps protect the environment for future generations and can also reduce your utility bills right now. Take help of the following mini home energy saving guide to reduce your carbon footprint.

Use Energy Efficient Systems and Devices
Switch to energy efficient lighting systems like CFL and LED. Look for the Energy Star label on appliances before buying them. Buy the ones that have highest Energy Star rating to save the most energy and money over time.

Laundry Washing
In place of hot water, use cold water to wash your laundry. Dry the clothes under the sun or shade rather than use the drying feature of your washing machine. Cold water washes your clothes just as well as warm water and air drying gives your clothes a fresh scent without using electricity or gas.

Design Your Home Properly
Use of artificial lighting during the daytime will lead to high energy consumption. Design your home in such a way that there is no need to use artificial lighting during the daytime inside the home.

Combine Multiple Tasks
Use your devices like washing machines at full capacity. Do not wash small number of clothes multiple times. Collect multiple clothes and try to wash as many of them as possible at one time.

Use Voltage Regulator to Reduce Energy Consumption

Use appliances, fans, air conditioners and lighting systems only at the required power level. A voltage regulator rated at that same power output as the device with which it is used can be installed to regulate the power consumption.

There are many other such energy saving tips and tricks that help you reduce your electricity bills. For example, simply unplugging or turning off appliances when they are not in use and shutting off lights can add up to significant savings. Schedule a home energy audit to find out more ways to save energy and go green.