Mike Goldman

Business Growth Consultant, Founder of Performance Breakthrough, Author, Nationally Recognized Speaker, Husband, Father, Avid Reader & Kid from the Bronx.


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The Platinum Rule – Acceptance

News flash: The Golden Rule doesn’t work! We’re all different. So why do we think everyone wants to be treated the way we would want to be treated? The fact is that we can’t treat people the way we want to be treated because everyone has different motivations, learning styles, goals and cultural backgrounds. Therefore,…

Performance Breakthrough

I’ve made a career out of unleashing the untapped potential of workforces at organizations of all sizes. An unengaged workforce costs organizations more than just money: it costs opportunity and can halt growth. If you’re a manager at an organization, it’s easy to recognize an unengaged workforce, but it can seem impossible to reengage them!…

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Mike Goldman

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