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I'm a prolific copywriter, futurist, tech news columnist, guest blogger, ghostwriter and social media strategist consultant for corporate brands, startups B2B brands and personal brands on the way to being "influencers". Current interests include retail technology, ecommerce, Asian companies, disruption, on-demand economy, etc... I gravitate to projects and people who are innovative. I freelance as a Personal brand consultant and content marketer. I also dabble in Millennial-engagement consultancy. I enjoy ghostwriting on LinkedIn Pulse for c-executives and high-net worth individuals and influencers or marketing agencies. I'm an amateur futurist and one of the most active writers on LinkedIn Pulse. Always learning, I consume and produce content all day 24/7. I growth hacked LinkedIn in under a year and have my articles have been featured multiple times. Does your personal brand need a post? Does your startup need to develop its brand and blog? Do you require high-quality blog articles that require the right writer? Do you need help establishing a content marketing strategy or improving your B2B presence on social media? I can help.


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Freelance Content Marketer


I do content strategy, blogging, ghostwriting, copywriting and social media management for B2B and startup companies. Retail, ecommerce, millennials, etc...

Why Women Fail in Tech 

As I ponder the controversy of systematic sexism and racism in the professional sphere and in technology especially, I cannot help but feel inspired by pioneers (podcast), like Tracy Chou, whose birthday it is today, and who has brought data on diversity and inclusion to the foreground of Silicon Valley while keeping a busy schedule…

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Michael Spencer


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