Sneakers are comfortable and versatile, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are a cinch to wear. The look can go seriously wrong in a heartbeat. If you want to look good AND do your kicks justice, there are a few simple things you should keep in mind.

Do: Mix Things Up

One surefire way to destroy your favourite sneakers is to wear them every single day. We all know the thrill of a great pair of shoes; but if you want to have them for a long time, you need to let them rest now and then. It’s simple, wearing your shoes every day wears them out. Have one, two, or even three other pairs you can add to the mix. This will not only keep your favourite pair looking fresh; it will help all your shoes last longer.

Do: Be Experimental

It can take a little effort to find the look that is perfect for you. Do you prefer a low top sneaker or do you need something a little higher? Not every look suits every person so you may have to try a few before you find what’s right. Remember, it’s an important decision, but it’s not life or death — take a few risks, and you’ll get it right.

Do: Master The Pin roll

Don’t let your sneakers get buried in denim. What’s the point in putting so much effort into your shoes if you’re going to cover them with flared or baggy jeans? The pin roll will help you taper your jeans and hit the ideal length. It will allow you to show off those kicks without having to resort to super tight skinny jeans.

Don’t: Wear Only One Brand

We all have favourites, and there is nothing wrong with that, but don’t limit yourself. If you always wear Nike and are digging a pair from New Balance, get them. The sky will not fall, the Earth will not open up and swallow you whole. Worst case scenario: you find another pair of awesome shoes to add to your rotation.

Don’t: Buy Cheap

When it comes to comfort and durability, there is a big difference between cheap, discount store shoes and high-end brands. Big difference. You may be trying to save money this spring to accommodate a changing wardrobe, music festival season, and summer vacations, but don’t let those savings come out of your shoe budget. Spending $200 or so on shoes will give you a comfortable fit and provide you with something that is likely to last. And remember, you don’t have to spend ALL your money on shoes. While you may want to spend a month’s salary on the latest shoe that some celebrity has attached his name to, it isn’t necessary. These shoes are often just variations on already existing sneakers, and in all likelihood, you can find a pair that fit just as well and look just as good for way less.