Hazaway has been in the business of asbestos removal at Melbourne for a considerably long time. Hazaway is having highly trained staff who understands fully well the menacing effects of the work and is fully aware what precautions are to be taken while working. We know how to work causing minimum disturbance to your business as well as to the neighborhood area.

As soon as we get a call from you, our experts visit the place, whether it is your factory, or office block or any commercial building. After a careful check out we suggest the suitable solutions of asbestos removal and get to the work as following to your directions. Hazaway also provide free estimates of work and we always work strictly according to your requirements.

Hazaway can undertake and carry out all the work beginning from site surveys and sample analysis to the asbestos encapsulation and its removal subsequently.

Every asbestos removal project is closely monitored by us and made to follow the best industry and HSE approved practice, and it is complied with current legislation.

Removal Techniques used by Hazaway

There are strict methods of removal of asbestos materials. The asbestos material is removed either by using the controlled wetting techniques such as injection through needles or it is done by spraying. Another method in practice is by using a sealant which is applied with a brush or a roller. Soon after its application it changes into dry forms like a rubber protective barrier.

While removing asbestos, the material is soaked with some dust suppressant liquid before lifting it. The soaked matter reduces the danger of getting into the air and ensures that no airborne fiber is released from below the protection factor and it is not much dangerous for workers around.

All the waste material produced in the process is put into a single bag marked with ‘red asbestos waste sacks’ before it is taken to the bag-lock where the sacks are wiped down and double bagged in clear waste sacks before leaving the enclosure.

Completion of Work

After the process of bulk removal or encapsulation of the asbestos material, all surfaces within the enclosure are cleaned thoroughly so that the place is free from asbestos environmentally. After having completed the work the entire area is vacuumed and wiped clean. The area is finally checked and scrutinized by the site supervisor before handing it over to an independent UKAS accredited laboratory who will commence the certificate of reoccupation process.

Certificate of Reoccupation

This is carried out in four stages:

Stage 1: All paperwork and documentation is checked

Stage 2: The enclosure is visually checked to ensure no asbestos is present (unless encapsulated) and the required standard of cleanliness has been achieved

Stage 3: Air test sampling is carried out to ensure the quality of air within the enclosure is below the clearance level

Stage 4: The enclosure sheeting is dismantled and all plant/equipment is removed from the area

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