Leptin is the “fat-burning hormone,” and regulates metabolism and hunger signals, too.

When leptin works as it’s supposed to, your body will burn excess accumulated fat in an efficient manner.

Over-consumption of sugar, grains, starches, processed foods, and other health factors can cause chronic inflammation in the body that can dramatically inhibit the brain’s ability to read leptin levels in the blood correctly. This inability to “see” leptin, known as “leptin resistance” or “leptin insensitivity,” throws your fat-burning functions off course, resulting in the body relentlessly reserving excess fat, even when obese or overweight.

There is no medication that can correct leptin resistance, and in fact the typical weight loss diet can actually make this problem worse. This explains why the diet industry has failed so miserably at offering sustainable solutions for long-term fat loss.

The “Reboot Your Life” Food Plan was developed to help shift your metabolism back to the efficient, fat-burning state it was designed for.

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