A small watch company nestled in the foothills of Glashuette, Germany is starting to make waves in the traditional global watch making industry. At a time when industry consolidation continues in the watch industry, NOMOS Glashuette (it’s formal name) is charting an independent path that is more like Apple Computer than Rolex.

Just last week, the company launched a major program to expand in the U.S. market. NOMOS is doing something special.

The company is philosophically minimal, modern, and yet extremely committed to traditional watch making (their watches actually tick). You won’t see digital watches here and you won’t see hundreds of models. In fact, NOMOS only has around 12 core models of watches.

Companies like Omega (owned by Swatch Group) and Rolex are trying to figure out how to reach Millennials through advertising and marketing, NOMOS is actually making something that Generation Y wants.

Sure, we all are curious to see what a iWatch will look like, but we also know that people of all ages love traditional watches. When was the last time you could hold up your iPhone to your ear and hear it ticking? Never. When was the last time you wound your iPhone? Never.

NOMOS has invested heavily, allowing it to make the entire watch (including the mechanical guts of the watch) on it’s own. The time and money NOMOS spends on watch design is about the same lifecycle that Apple takes to go from one version of the iPhone to the next – it’s not fast.

Most traditional watch makers have to source various critical parts from other companies in order to make their watch. In some cases, watches aren’t even made by the company who’s name is on the face. NOMOS is different.

By making the entire watch on their own, NOMOS is staying true to the independent DNA that has come to define the brand. The attention to detail, the minimalism, and honoring humanity through design makes NOMOS very Apple-like.  NOMOS likes to say they are members of the ‘Deutscher Werkbund‘, a design movement that is reflected in their minimal approach to design.

NOMOS also prices it’s mechanical watches that make them accessible, but they are not certainly cheap. An entry-level NOMOS watch will cost over $1,000. However, these pricing levels are extremely modest compared to other mechanical watch makers from Germany or Switzerland.

As smart watches (iWatch) begin their march towards our wrists, sophisticated Millenials will likely want to differentiate themselves, and NOMOS might be a great brand to accomplish that goal.

You can learn more about NOMOS at: https://www.nomos-glashuette.com