We are so used to swiping debit/credit cards as we make our payments but soon, these cards may make way for something better: no cards at all.

Visa is the next company that will be investing in the Internet of Things (IoT), with the introduction of Visa Cloud Payment Solutions. Known as Visa Digital Solutions in their press release, they are looking at making payments without a card.

This will be done with enhanced security, where user accounts are not bound to the old 16 digit account number printed on the card. The digital token, which will be the replacement, can be placed in mobile devices based on ISO standards where they can even limit the purchase to the types of merchant and purchase, as well as the device that is using that token.

Should the device end up lost or stolen, these tokens can be reissued without the need to change credential details or to reissue the conventional plastic cards.

This flagship program will be rolling out under the Visa Ready program, with some of the features being available immediately. The complete range is expected to be available by January next year. Visa will also be getting in developer tool kits including SDKs and APIs to help their merchants and partners to hop onto this bandwagon.

The Visa Cloud Payment Solutions came right after the release of the Visa’s Checkout app, where it is designed to let consumers pay for the goods online from any mobile device. This was done together with the support of more than 180 financial institutions such as the Bank of America, Chase and Citibank.

The future is coming right to us now.

The next time you can limit your purchases of your spouse or kids, regardless if it’s that pair of shoes on sale, that golf club that he rarely uses, or that snack which makes them lose their appetite when they return home for dinner.