What is Matka?

Not known to many but matka is actually the Indian version of lottery where numbers does the magic. The origin of matka can be traced back to India independence period, which involved betting over the opening and ending rate of cotton that was transmitted from the “New York Cotton Exchange”. But slowly the concept of matka has undergone many changes, out of the urge of people to make it more exciting. It was previously known as “Ankan Jugada’ or “figure gambling”. Matka means earthen pot in Hindi vocabulary, so the game has also seen versions like pulling out slips randomly from earthen pot or “matka”.

How did Matka gained popularity?

Though originally the game of matka involved the opening and closing rates of cotton, that was conveyed to the Bombay Stock Exchange from the New York Stock Exchange, but slowly it was discontinued by the New York Cotton Exchange. The concept of Matka thus faced a huge set back, but soon the concept was revolutionized by two matka kings, who ragged huge crowd towards this game. The first name that ruled the matka world is Kalyanji Bhagat and the other person is Rattan Khatri. Rattan Khatri in a way revived the Matka market in India in the 80’s and 90’s and millions of youth were drawn towards it. He ran a massive network backed by international connections. Basically located in Mumbai, Khatri’s initiative saw massive response and his system was also more transparent than all the previous such initiatives.

Present day scenario:

In this tech- savvy era, everything has undergone huge transformation in terms of their technological acceptability and so has the concept of Matka. Matka, satta or lottery as you say it, has also found its platform in the world of internet, nowadays many portal run which allows the users to play satta or matka online. There are hundreds of websites who claim to be the ultimate satta king and pledge to aide its players to earn huge wealth through this unique game of luck and numbers. The matka market is widespread in India and the recent availability of the same online has attracted many who were apprehensive of the “primitive form of matka”.

Matka should be supported or not?

The prudent we know very well that what comes easy to us does not last long. Same is true in case of wealth. Money earned through hardships is always more worthy than what you earn by sheer stroke of luck. Still people are often mislead by stories of people earning big through such lotteries and betting and foolishly lose all their wealth in the trap. Matka or lottery is more popular amongst downtrodden families where people try to seek easy ways to escape ways to escape the pangs of poverty, though now the affluent are also drawn towards the modern version of the same, like through cricket betting etc. Falling in to this vicious trap only force a person to lose even the last retorts he have. The concept of satta or matka is still counted to be illegal in India, so before getting in to the shallows of darkness of this system, be sure that you are not losing everything in the urge to of earning all.


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