Is your hotel making the most of the new marketing strategies? Have you considered adapted the news strategies to your business? On this Post, you can take a look at new strategies to make your business relevant.

The Online Travel Agencies have consolidated as one of the best sectors in the panorama of online sales. Now is time to think, what can hotels do to increase the conversion of their websites? Nowadays, most hotels depend on Online Travel Agencies, but there are still hopes for those who cannot afford the rates of, Expedia and Trivago.

But what all these have to do if you have a hotel in Colombia? Well, as the number of travellers to Colombia continues rising, the country needs a new strategy for the hotel industry. If you don’t become relevant for new tourists you are not going to be noticed. Big Hoteliers like Melia, Iberostar and TRYP are planning to expand their offer. But there are some tourists that always prefer to visit local hotels.

Now is your time to implement new strategies that can help you to benefit your hotel and make grow your business. Check it out.

Marketing Strategies: Diversification strategy

The diversification strategy seeks to achieve growth through the incorporation of new products and areas of action that helps hoteliers to attract new visitors’ profiles. What we are saying is that there are some destinations that attract some sort of visitors, now you have to attract other visitors adding new products or different leisure offers.

Diversify the channels

At the beginning, if no one knows you, no one will book on your site. When you are “new in town” all you need is trust and nothing gives more trust than those big OTAS like Expedia and booking. Add your site to different channels and let the people know you, eventually, they will start looking for your hotel through your website.

Diversify by markets 

Like we say before, if you have one type of product you can start adding new products and attract new customers. CMS can be a powerful tool to help you achieve your goals. Add new and fresh content relevant to your visitors, you can also start partnerships with local restaurants and bars and offer discounts to their services if they book through your website.

Diversify by product

You need to develop new products and add demand to an existing demand. For example, You can offer special services to special sectors like those practising sports, hotels with special services to swimmers or hikers.

Don’t be disappointed if you have a small hotel if you keep in mind that the customer is the king and you need to satisfy their needs, your hotel will become a real blast if you follow these Marketing Strategies.