When reviewing the many ranking websites that talks about the power of the different brands in the market, and how customers are more inclined towards a specific brand than the other – one tends to believe that this brand is what peer customers consume, which gives a feeling of wanting to buy from such a brand.

Big research companies in the global markets conduct different types of brand measurement, brand power, and market influence measurements on the different brands – some of these researches are self initiated, others might be requested by a company to highlight an achievement. Both ways, such a type of research can be termed as “Marketing by Research”, where research marketing is utilized to promote a brand, a product and/or a service.

There are many ethical questions that can connected with such a marketing approach; for example, highlighting an achievement and giving it much of an emphasis to promote the overall brand, another question can be connected with the fabrication of research results utilizing a specific research company’s global name and trust in order to promote for the ranking of a specific brand, product, or service. All give room for doubt as long as the companies conducting the research are for profit organizations or if the below code of conduct is to be applied:

Transparency of Research and Periodicity

The company requested to conduct the research should be transparent with the audience, from the time they have been requested to do the research to the time they deliver the results. It is important to announce the results on a regular basis; creating a onetime research to promote a brand, product, or service opens doors for doubts.

International Standards to be Applied

There should be a board for international marketing research created to set standards for marketing efforts towards understanding the power of a specific brand, product or service. Each research company has its own standards, and making claims for a brand to be the number one in the market again opens the doors for doubt.

The Involvement of a Government Entity

For the consumers to be at ease when getting the results of research regarding the power of a certain brand, the research company should ensure the involvement of a government body or authority that has marketing research as part of its duties or jobs – to make sure the research is properly conducted and the results are correct.

Leaving room for speculation, the research company might be criticized by a competitor for the brand they are claiming to be the top in a category of business – and it might also open doors for doubt by the consumers as of the variety of results produced by the different research firms. Thus, it is important for these types of research to be transparent, periodical, use international standards agreed upon by a certified international research body, and the continuous involvement of a government entity that does research as part of its core services.

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