Mangoxan Mangosteen Juice, world’s Premium Anti-oxidant formula has Anti-inflammatory, Anti-aging , anti-diabetes and other health benefits. Visit our website and read the full details of Mangosteen Juice benefits.

Packed full of more antioxidant power, Mangoxan contains more alpha-mangostin than any other mangosteen juice on the market. You don’t just have to take our word for it, as independent laboratory analyses have proven Mangoxan is the leading product with the primary xanthone of the health-enhancing mangosteen fruit.

Scientific studies show that Mangoxan from Pure Fruit Technologies scores much higher on the ORAC scale than competing brands. The ORAC scale is a test designed to evaluate antioxidant strength, making our mangosteen fruit juice a remarkable product with many health benefits.

Each bottle of Mangoxan comes with roll-on proof caps for vacuum seal action that locks oxygen out and flavors in for your enjoyment.

To ensure you know our mangosteen juice drinks are as fresh as the day they’re made, every bottle proudly displays a best before date.

For your peace of mind, our facilities meet government guidelines for good manufacturing practices and food safety. What’s not to like?

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