With the rise in technology and subsequent rise in consumerism, the waste generation has increased. It is quite difficult to deal with e-waste once it is generated. Hence the best way out of it is to follow the three step rule: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. We talked to an emergency electrician Melbourne who helped us decode these 3 steps.


  1. Buy Less: In order to be able to reduce waste, it is necessary to focus on minimising consumption. Do not buy the gadgets that you do not require. Before you purchase a product, ask yourself whether you really need it or not. Most of the times we end up buying things whose purpose can be served by a similar but different gadget that we already possess
  2. Choose Long-Lasting Products: Everything comes down to durability.Before buying any electronic item, make it a point to do a thorough research about the brand, lifespan and also the warranty period of the product. If you choose long lasting products, it will not only help you save money but also bring down the waste generation significantly.

  3.  Choose Cloud for Storage: As a business, you may think that you need those giant storage machines for storing the data. With the cloud technology available for storage, the task has become quite easy and hassle-free. Various cloud platforms help you to back up/save your files. 

  4. Upgrade The Software Instead of Replacing The Product: Most of us face the problems with system memory being too low to handle tasks efficiently.For example, if you are using a PC with 2GB memory, you may be tempted to buy one with 4, 8 or 16GB memory. In such a situation, you can easily opt for upgrading the memory instead of buying a brand new product. Similarly, in the case of outdated software’s, you can easily upgrade it instead of looking out for new options. 


  1. Sell The Electronic Product to a Refurbishing Store: You can consider giving away your electronic product to a refurbishing store that will work on it and resell it further. There are many people who are constantly seeking out refurbished electronic items.

  2. Donate: One possible option to deal with electronic products that you may no longer find useful is to give them away. There are many charitable organisations that accept electronic items and use it for people who cannot afford them. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and donate.

  3. Refill Ink Cartridges: While a lot many people do refill ink cartridges, some of us have the tendency of throwing them away and buying a new one leading to more generation of waste. Choose the more environmentally friendly option and reuse.


  1. Give your Computer Systems for Recycling: There are many e-waste recycling centres that deal specifically in recycling the humongous volume of electronic waste generated. However, keep it in mind that you delete all the data present on the system before doing so in order to avoid data leakage.

  2. Mobiles Too Can be Recycled: It is not just computers but also mobiles that can be recycled. If you do not wish to recycle it and if it is still in a working condition, give it away to someone who might need it in case you are planning to buy yourself a new phone.
  3. Find a Good Recycling Service: A good recycling service is one that concentrates on making the best out of the waste. Go to a nearby recycling centre and find out what all items they accept. It is best to have the waste recycled than to have it dumped in the landfill causing pollution and environmental concerns.