We interact with many brands on a daily basis but do we remember each and every experience? Well no, we either remember an exceptional experience or a bad experience that we have had with a brand. What does this indicate? The answer is simple; there is no scope for average!

Let me elaborate with a help of a personal example, I was a loyalist to an airline brand and in one of my many travels; they once misplaced my bags, which I agree can happen sometimes. I was given a complaint id and was asked to follow up on the customer service number. Each time, a different executive answered the phone and I was asked to re-explain the case but yet had no information. After complaining on social media channels and after multiple follow up calls my bags were traced. No explanations were given and I received half empty bags. Did I use this airline ever again?

The answer is no and I don’t intend to either. I narrated this incident to about a 100 people and wrote this blog post even after 2 years. This indicates that a bad experience can leave a long lasting impression on a consumer’s mind also affecting the repurchase intention and eventually loyalty. Mobile banking services video

Experiences can help brands narrate a story, voice their values and culture, add character thus humanising the brand. It gives the brand an authority over others and is a driver of conversation and engagement. Today’s customers connect and interact across multiple channels at a given time and anticipate a seamless anytime experience.