Interested in Managed Services for your business? Need a reliable technical consulting company? Are you in or near Montreal, Quebec?

For many companies Managed IT Services are a more reliable, efficient, and worry-free solution for their computing needs. With Managed Services, computing services access can be set up remotely in a flash. All of your valuable data is securely stored in the cloud, and the need for time-consuming computer-by-computer software installations and updates are a thing of the past.

The Benefits of Managed IT

We’ve been setting more Montreal, Laval, and West Island clients up with Managed Services each year. So we know the benefits our clients feel. They include:

Cost Savings

Managed Montreal I.T. Services programs can be less expensive to implement. With built-in security and disaster recovery they can save you if a major problem does happen.

Ready Access to Our Professional IT Staff

With Managed Services, your company can feel as though they have instant access to a complete IT staff looking after their computer and network. Almost everything happens remotely making for fast resposes and a happy and productive office staff.

Improved Security, Reduced Risk

Because it is Cloud based, Managed Services offers built in security and back-up features. Managed Services means that you are protected in case of most kinds of error, or even employee action.

Fast Technical Response Times

With Managed Services, you get faster support. Through Quesys’ remote management and monitoring systems, we can fix most problems or even set up new workstations quickly and remotely.

Increased Competitiveness and Efficiency

Managed Services gives you an efficient and ready solution to all of your IT needs. In-house technical teams are expensive to hire, outfit, train, and retain. Managed Services removes the need for an in-hour IT team for most computer systems, while delivering best-of-breed technology making your company more efficient and competitive.

Quickly Implementation of New Technology

With Managed Services, our Montreal-based outsourced IT service team constantly updates your IT systems remotely. Instead of waiting for new technology or new installations, we actively upgrade your services as soon as better technology becomes available.

Stop worrying about IT, have faster implementation of the computer services you need and spend more time focused on your business. Managed Services and support lets you do that and more. If you’re ready to streamline and simplify your computer systems, talk to us.