Take a look at your wallet, and see how many cards you carry?! It is estimated that the average Credit Card consumer in the USA holds 4.4 Credit Cards and one in ten consumers has more than 10 credit cards – while the MENA region has the highest internet usage for credit and debit cards and the highest interest rate banks as well, with an average of 5 cards carried per wallet.

These statistics indicate that the use of cash is decreasing, and customers are going more and more towards the use of cards with all of their types. Regardless of these facts, carrying more than 2 cards in your pocket is just too much! It is a time consuming process to use all of your credit cards; you have to follow up on payments and interest rates and understand how you are going to repay for these cards. The number one factor to consider before using a Credit Card that you have to repay it; then go ahead with the purchase; not until a calculated plan of when repayment will take place you should be using your cards.

If you do have several cards in your wallet, then it is worth considering which one you use. For example, it will cost you more to use certain cards overseas, or some cards may offer you incentives on purchases, and whilst others may offer you more protection. If you shop online quite frequently and don’t want to increase the load of calculating your payments, then use a Prepaid card; it is loadable, it is easy to use, and has a limit, even if you lose it or if gets stolen you will not be losing much. Consider these factors when attempting to carry a credit card:
1. Use the Right Card:
Think of the purchasing process with your credit card as a win-win situation, you are not spending on purchases as much as you have to get a benefit on using the card. Choose the cards which will offer you cash backs, incentives on usage, loyalty points, air-miles, and so forth. If it is vital to carry a credit card, choose the one that will appreciate your business as a customer. Understanding the terms and conditions of each of your cards will help you decide which is best for you to use in different circumstances. Using different cards for different purposes can also be a useful way to manage your wallet.
2. Categorize Your Cards
It is okay to have more than one card, but don’t carry all of them in your wallet! Categorize the cards which you will use frequently (the ones that provide the highest incentives as mentioned earlier) and put the other cards aside. There are cards that provided local incentives on purchases and others that provide outbound incentives on purchases; carry the second type when being in international markets. Use Prepaid and Debit if you will not gain much of the purchase locally, but you have to use a card as the merchant requires it.
3. Juggle Between Banks
Banks usually offer incentives and offers on the use of their cards in certain times of the year; it is important for you as a customer to understand these times and juggle between the banks. Don’t settle for one card or one bank, use the offers wisely and manage your wallet in a way that can guarantee the maximum of your benefit as a customer.


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