Kicks rater is huge community that support to built innovative project at every time , hence more than 1 millions of people are backed on this website to collect the creativity project and much more update data in the fine manner. it supports filmmakers, creators, designers, artists and musicians to find out the best resource and support, which they are looking to create their wish a reality. Here this community brings out more than 1000 of project, which support the major life of the people. It is right chance to make use of such platform to work with the major people who are well know to you and ready to support and love you at every time. they have team with the 128 people and they are well dedicated to work with the special attention on each project. As result, it ends up with the special successes of it. then team member are filled with the major qualities such designers, support, writes and much more and they are well backed with the plenty of project with no risk of it.

Here the Track Dat is application which designed by the Kick-starter team which is supporting more people to monitor various action taken place over the social media and much more networks. It is one of the self-tracking android application, which can be simple, and user friendly to make use with no risk of it.

What are ways that TrackDat is motivating?

• It has ability to track groups and other who are offering the peer support

• It offer the special tools to let views the major action taken place on the target device and support number of people to reach same goal of tracking .

• It allows doing any sort to tracking which go rewarding achievement application.

• It offers the charity at the time of the creating nay sort of the life development programs.

Hence, this application will be suitable to track the major device without knowing to target mobile and it simple to make use in the winning way.

This application built with the number of the programs such as

• Colon cancer survivors

• Motion sickness

• Headaches

• Buff up

• Easing healthier

• Gain energy and much more program.

Therefore, it built with number of the additional features to run over the Smartphone in the fine manner. on using this app currently, which is in the alpha stage so the people will browse and add to create programs to track by themselves and it allow to views, the major data present over the device. On using this application will provide digital life coach, which is more simple and effective for the customer to use over the smart phone. finally, this application will allow obtaining the simple data analysis. still they are work hard to provide new project such implementing the new version prototype trackers spaces. This application is available in premium and free so the custom can go with any one of the option and get major support on using this application.