Every year new blogs are written about how to avoid gaining weight during the holidays. So, here we go again. I have some quick tips I think will help.

  1. Make sure to eat a good breakfast on Thanksgiving Day so you aren’t ready to eat the turkey by yourself.
  2. Go for a walk and relax before your dinner.
  3. Choose a small plate and take small amounts of food. Talking can distract you and cause you to eat faster. Fast music and being surrounded by fast eaters can have this same effect.  So, chew slowly and enjoy every bite.
  4. Fill yourself up with veggies.
  5. Dessert is OK but take small amounts and small bites.
  6. Watch the alcohol. Many alcoholic drinks are loaded with calories and those who drink tend to eat more.
  7. Fill up your stomach by drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated.
  8. Finally, move around and socialize rather than hanging out on the couch after dinner.

Thanksgiving means different things to different people. For most it is a time to express gratitude for our freedom, and to enjoy spending time with family and friends. It is important not to get so involved in the food and festivities that we forget the true meaning.

Have a happy (and healthy) holiday!