Some Ideas To Get You Thinking 

You will have a great time adding your personal touch to items and furnishings in your home by embellishing them with some well thought out embroidered designs.

Embroidered soft furnishings can add a special appeal to any room in your home – whether it be the kitchen or dining area, the living room or bedrooms. Then of course there is your linen. In your bathroom embroidery can add that special personal touch to towels, of course.  

Linen – Sheets and Towels

Top sheets and pillowcases are ideal candidates for a touch of embroidery. You can make a plain sheet quite special by adding a simple colorful border. Perhaps a more subtle design stitched in the same color as the sheet itself might have more appeal. Textured tone on tone always looks classy.

Bathroom towels are ideal for embroidering. Somehow, they seem more rich and inviting when they are embellished with a unique monogram or perhaps a simple classy design just in one corner. Of course you can then embroider fingertip towels with the same design to give your bathroom a very classy feel.

If you have young children, they will take absolute delight in having a towel either embroidered with their name or maybe their favorite licensed character on their personal towel.

Of course, if you had a special set of a bath and hand towels with face cloths for visitors, you could embroider the same design on each and make a welcoming impression for guests who may come to stay.

Kitchen towels are also ideal items to embroider. Because they are generally inexpensive items, these in fact would be great to use as practice pieces. 

You can actually purchase such towels that have a special area just for decorative stitching. You’ll find them in any good stitching store.

Big Tip On Embroidering Towels

When embroidering toweling, you need to use a strong stabilizer behind your towel and Aqua Film on top of the towel. This stops the fabric loops from poking up through the embroidery stitches. 

The embroidery design won’t sink into the toweling and it will look terrific. Make sure to use a needle thick enough to handle toweling. When you are finished, remove as much of the Aqua Film as possible before using water to wash the rest of it away.

Of course, towels are ideal machine embroidery projects for gift giving. Even a simple, inexpensive hand towel will be really appreciated if it is embellished with a unique personalized design.

Soft Furnishings

Plain semi-sheer drapes – particularly white or cream – will take on an entirely different character if they are tastefully embroidered. 

You could add an elegant embroidery pattern along the hem or possibly add a number of small tone on tone designs randomly scattered throughout the fabric. When embroidering thin fabric, remember to use tear-away permanent stabilizer, fine thread and a thin needle.

Curtain tie-backs will take on a whole touch of class if they are embellished with the same or a complimentary design as your semi-sheers. 

But even on their own, curtain tie-backs are an ideal soft furnishing to be embroidered and further fashioned with some accessories such as tassels.

Be Careful With Your Thread and Stabilizer

Given that the linen and soft furnishings mentioned above may range enormously in weight and thickness, you need to make sure that you use the right stabilizer for your machine embroidery project.

You also need to ensure that you use the correct thread, because not all thread fibers are the same. You would use a completely different type of thread for a bath towel compared to a sheer curtain. Read more about the different types of sewing machine and embroidery threads and their uses.