Living in the US or UK, but have a great idea to start a new venture that capitalizes on Asia’s growth? AccelerAsia might help you break the ice.

The startup accelerator deals mainly with mobile technologies and apps, digital media and publishing, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), gaming and e-commerce. This is from the wide experience that founders Arnout Mostert, Joeri Gianotten and Frank Bomers have.

AccelerAsia doesn’t just work in Singapore but it is also available in Indonesia as well. How they will help aspiring entrepreneurs is to connect them to a network of contacts, which they will need to make things faster. Thereafter, AccelerAsia will co-invest in the venture or even support it as a co-founder once entrepreneurs have found the correct approach.

If there is a need, they will help to look for suitable experts to join the team in order to make the venture a success. This way, it helps the entrepreneur get access to more resources as well as distributing the risks across a wider pool of interested parties. This also allows the involved parties to have a share of the dividends while reducing the risk of the business entity as a whole.

Once the entrepreneurs form the core team and secured the resources, AccelerAsia will then help to spread the word regarding the business at various networking meetings and conferences to provide presence in the market for the company. This may seem similar to the rest of the accelerators but what is different here is the broad network that AccelerAsia has.

So are there any success stories so far? Definitely. They include Kiosked, Idomoo, Basekit, and Crowdynews in which AccelerAsia have successfully provided their business development services, allowing these companies to continue operating their business on their own.

As of now, AccelerAsia are looking for early-stage startups as they know angel investors who are eager to assist aspiring businesses grow.

So what’s stopping you now, entrepreneur?