As a former iPhone user, I too was disappointed when Apple announce the iPhone 5. Why? You say, well since the release of iPhone 5 Samsung had already released their Galaxy Note smartphone which was getting great reviews.

Samsung broke the model with the Galaxy Note and boy did it work. After the Note release other smartphone makers begin to follow the trend of big screen smartphones, but there was one who decided to buck the trend and stick with their same model, Apple.

As a stock trader, if you think about it that is where Apple stock price peaked at $702.33 in 2012. At that time Apple was killing the smartphone market with the iPhone 4S which was a huge success. With 2012 Fall Holiday season getting into full effect, everyone was anticipating the iPhone 5 release.

Well, Apple did disappoint slightly with the iPhone 5, which was a skinny tall version of the iPhone 4S. This phone was not what everyone was expecting. Everyone was expecting a larger iPhone with a big screen to compete with Samsung, but Apple buck the trend and went with skinny instead of big and it cost them stock price wise.

Since then, Apple has released the iPhone 5S which is just an upscale version of iPhone 5, nothing but just some new features along with a new refresh of its operating system. But now it is 2014, 2 long years and the anticipation and excitement is getting to all Apple fans with the release date of the iPhone 6.

The rumors all flying and the leaks are spreading, everyone expects this iPhone to be a big screen, feature packing, and spec killer phone that everyone wants from Apple. There is a coincidence as to why Apple’s stock price has been making all time highs, think about it, the release of iPhone 6 could be that big phone that will break records when release.

You are talking long lines for days of people trying to get their hands on this phone. This phone is 2 years in the making and the release could unleash the masses old, new, and returning iPhone users.

As a Analyst, I see the trend from other smartphone makers, Samsung, HTC, etc, not beating on earnings and even guiding to lower earnings in Q3 and Q4 with lower revenues. The news is daunting to other smartphone makers, thus my theory, everyone is waiting for the new big iPhone 6 and there is no way they are going to buy another smartphone until the iPhone 6 is release.