Today on the blog I will be taking you through a selection different living room layouts. Each room style has been paired with some of my favourite Clickon pieces.

When styling all rooms, the driving factor for me is the function of the space. Once this is understood it will help you to determine the key pieces you will need, which can then be matched based on the aesthetic you are trying to achieve. As examples you will see four different living room styles with various functions to help prompt you to explore the possibilities in your own home.

Featuring – Rox Sofa | Rodeo Coffee Table | Rodeo Side Table | Ethnicraft Teak Elemental Sideboard | Hug Lounge Chair

Accessorised by – Pacific Rug| Nolan Table Lamp | Strapped Marble Hurricane in Tall and Small | Antoinette Ferwerda – New Galactic (Future) Print | Quilted Wool Cushion | Bauen Patchwork Linen Cushion | Velour Canvas Cushion

Featuring – Carl L Shape Sofa | Ethnicraft Oak Nordic Entertainment Unit | Ethnicraft Oak Nordic Console | Hex Counter Stool | Anatole Side Table | Cross Table | Handy Table

Accessorised by – Tube Floor Lamp | Tube Table Lamp | Ceramic Vase with Cork Bottom | Grampian Rug | Calypso Pot | Harlequin Stand | Danube Cushion | Round Velvet Cushion | Navy Cotton Velvet Cushion

Featuring – Anton 2 Seater Sofa | Anton 3 Seater Sofa | Ethnicraft Oak Ligna Entertainment Unit | Ethnicarft Oak Ligna Sideboard | Ethnicarft Oak Slice Extension Dining Table | Me Dining Chair | Sino Side Table | Clinton Marble Coffee Table

Accessorised by – Benjamin Rug | Mongolian Sheepskin Throw | Nest Planter | Votive – Porcelain Mauve | Fluted Vase – Nude | Prudence Caroline – Hey Pom Pom Print | Modern Memphis Cushion | Lisa Lapointe Cushion – Moon Rise | Stardust Cushion with Gold Foil

Featuring – Custom Module Hansen Sofa | Silo Leaning Shelves | Tokyo Desk | Rosalie Chair | Ethnicarft Oak Burger TV Unit

Accessorised by – Hamilton Rug | Antoinette Ferwerda – Summer Haus In Sorrento Print | Eno Denim Cushion | Quilted Navy Cushion with Gold Zipper | Lisa Lapointe Cushion – White Bear | Lisa Lapointe Cushion – Camp

I hope that these examples have gotten your creative juices flowing. Now is the perfect time to start planning a mini home make and if you get stuck, Clickon is here to help! You can book in for a free styling consultations or even Room Service if you need a little extra helping hand.

Author: Sarah Vize