Have cell phones doomed us to living life with only one hand?

Have cell phones doomed us to living life with only one hand?

If our grandparents who passed away 25 or 30 years ago returned to visit, wouldn’t they be surprised. The first thing they would notice would be that everybody walks around with something in their hand that resembles a remote control of their day. Oddly, they would be more correct than you might think because our cell phones do function as sort of a “remote control” of our lives.

Stop and think about how often you have that gadget in your hand. Think about how much of your life you conduct with the other hand and how much more efficient you would be if you had two hands to apply to the task. This whole principle was why they invented shoulder bags instead of just clutch purses.

If you examine religious cults, one of the first things they often do is to remove your cell phone and your watch. (Of course, most people use their cell phone AS a watch, thus requiring it to be out all the time.)  There is a mainstream religious organization called “Walk to Emmaus” that sponsors weekend pilgrimages where relinquishing your cell phone and watch is a requirement. They filter your emergency calls through a main line to provide an interruption-free spiritual environment.  I don’t honestly think that I could hand over my cell phone and be without it for an entire weekend without some sort of nervous breakdown. A part of that can be traced to having children and an elderly mother who I check on frequently, but another part of it is a type of communication-dependency that I did not have in my pre-cell phone life.

While there is a greater chance for a snowball in Hades than for me to hand over my cell phone to ANYONE, have you ever thought about how much peace we forfeit by our constant contact via phone, text and social media on our cell phone? You could kind of avoid unwanted communication back in the day, but now you are committing a terrible slight against someone by ignoring a phone call.  If you miss a social media post of great consequence, such as “In the Emergency Room with broken leg,” you are without excuse.

How many cups of coffee have you spilled while trying to carry your cell phone, coffee and a danish? How many times have you dropped your $600 cell phone while trying to carry a laundry basket up the steps?  Yes, I take my cell phone downstairs to get clothes out of the dryer.

They are now making smart watches that may eventually give us two hands back, but the ones that I have tried required your phone to be nearby. Sometimes when I know everyone I know is accounted for, I will leave my phone on the charger and step outside. What a free feeling! Yet, there is that nagging feeling that I have forgotten something or have left something unattended on the stove. But, it is a brief reminder of what it felt like to live life with both hands on the wheel.