1.    How do people do this. Is the end number premeditated? Like, how do I know there’s actually ten things? What if there isn’t!
2.  Why isn’t there a list for how to make a list.
3.  Okay, start with subject: Techy, but not too nerdy. Unless it’s cool nerdy. Relevant, but not dad-joke relevant. Need a catchy headline. Quote that’s inspirational, but alternative. Snarky, not offensive. 
4.   Why not offensive? That shit goes viral real quick. 
5.  Is this my life now? Editing my complex thoughts into meaningless lists and filtering content through lens of “VIRAL OR NOT”? 
6.    New list idea: How to know if you’ve sold the artistic side of your soul to buzzfeed. 
7. New list idea: 10 Ways To Know If You’re Still A Writer (Even If You’ve Sold The Artistic Side Of Your Soul To Buzzfeed)
8. Maybe I could just do a “Fifteen Things To Taste In Your Thirties” list and end this already. 
9.   Facebook notification. What is it!