More and more employers are convinced of the benefits of working from home – both batch and continuous. In the US, over 15% of people work from home, and some studies suggest that working from home increases productivity, but only if employees have self-discipline and should not be a lot to talk with colleagues. There are those who still prefer to go to the office – so they are better adjusted to work and easy to divide work time and leisure.

The daily routine can not be ignored: the body needs to convince that the weekend has not started.

 The main rule for those who still decide to work from home – is to transform at least part of the apartment to the office, and to do so it was not too comfortable. Work is better than where you relax and sleep, and daily routine can not be ignored: the body needs to convince that the weekend has not started. Someone enough morning hygiene and charging another, you may want to dress as if they went to the office, and constantly talk with colleagues via the Internet. The rest is sufficient to comply with the same rules as in the office: you nothing should distract, every hour or two breaks should occur, and more, you must have clear objectives – how much you need to get the day under any circumstances.

Most people choose accommodation close to work, to save time and money for transport, long bed and breakfast home. And that’s fine. But if you had the opportunity to live in another place, surely you would have stayed in the same place? Why did we start from where we are working, not from where we live better? I lived in Lisbon for 4 years, and kept me from moving just a job. Now I have moved to a much more peaceful city in the south, where there are no traffic jams and noise, and the air is much cleaner. Besides, I live near the beach, and I was able to save the old job. However, remember that the work of the house – it’s not the same as a marathon viewing of all series “How I Met Your Mother”