Back in the old days (Before smart phones) unless you told someone where you were, they couldn’t get in touch with you. Today, we’re tracked with cameras everywhere you look. We enjoy smart cars and smart phones so it’s difficult to get lost, and let’s not even talk about that pesky Google Earth picture that shows you picking your nose on the sidewalk in front of your house. Sometimes you want to open the window, lean out and scream ‘Don’t bug me!”

Today in a crowd, you can sometimes hear a faint ‘ping.’ It’s almost imperceptible, but someone just received a text. It’s just a little ‘nudge’ from the technological side of life, but you almost feel compelled to answer. Could it be the ‘Wow, someone’s trying to contact me’ thing that goes off in your head because your self-worth equals that of a camel herder?

We’re disturbed when we hear someone else’s music in our private hearing space. We’re don’t like when we can smell someone else’s heavy perfume. People even balk when they see someone walking with their pants down below their waist.

We thought we were safe with the national ‘Do not call’ list but the insistent tele-marketers got wise to the fact that since it wasn’t lining the pockets of anyone in Washington, no one paid attention to it.

With an election cycle looming like a filibuster for a bogus issue, we’re apt to be fielding un-wanted political calls day and night. There are more than 50 million people who do not want calls from telemarketers. That’s a huge bloc of voters.

Let’s get behind a national ‘Do Not Disturb’ list, just like do not disturb signs for your hotel room. Make it a universal sign like a person holding their hands to their ears and place a vertical slash through it. It’s not only for personal use. Hang it on the city line, the county line, state line. Countries can hang it on their borders when they just don’t want to be bothered.

Don't bug me!!

Don’t bug me!!