We all know, how pollutants rule over the world every new day. Still, we are sitting calmly without taking any actions. Google it: how pollutants affect our lives as well as our next generation. It’s time to fight back against them as it’s our responsibility to become more focused & sensitive about our surroundings and also, try to keep the area clean & pollution-free. But HOW?…

Everyone wants to be a part of the pollution-free environment but the question is, how can you help in creating a healthy & pollution-free atmosphere? Have you noticed a drastic move toward using eco friendly bags instead of plastic bags? I guess, you might be! Do you know, why are they moving? Maybe, because of getting stylish look or statement. Right?

Well, besides giving style statement, eco- friendly bags such as paper bags, thermal bags, or reusable bags play a significant role in saving our environment. Is it necessary to replace plastic bags with paper bags? Yes, it is, because plastic bags are chocking our climate and it is a non bio-degradable product and can also damage marine life and pollute the sea.

Thus, it is in humans & rest other creatures favour, to not use the plastic bags and adopt using paper bags only. In today’s market, paper bags become more about fashion and status symbol. In some of the countries, plastic bag usage is also banned. For that reason, all the brands spend more time & effort in designing trendy and attractive paper bags for their products.

Plastic bag usage can cause global warming, air & water pollution so, it is req that we should avoid using plastic bags as, they can not be reused after a single use unlike paper bags. Here are few advantages of paper bags over plastic bags:

1.Every new day, paper is accepted & labelled as not only natural but renewable & recyclable resource from which to manufacture high standard packaging.

2.Markets are in favour of using paper bags. Hence, most of the countries have banned plastic bags or have charged a heavy tax on using them which makes them unpopular.

3.The paper bags are resilience enough to be used as a packaging and quickly adapting to rapidly changing fashions and needs. They are truly re- usable.

4.They are truly attractive paper carrier bag that offers excellent publicity for retail shops.

5.Inthis “GO-GREEN” campaign, most of us also adopt using jute bags but they are costly than paper bags and are less trendy for a niche market.

6.Paper bags have an ability to hold more items than plastic bags so you can handle more stuff in a single purchase.

7.Paper bags are 100% reusable, biodegradable and recyclable

8.Customers can easily carry paper bags than plastic one so it is user-friendly as well.

Yet, same as any other thing, there is also few disadvantage behind using paper bags. But, it highly depends on one’s area of usage:

1: Using paper bags is not appropriate for packing stuff like meat, fish or any other wet thing because the paper will break soon before you reach your home.

2: For business owners, paper bags are more expensive than plastic ones.

3: In the race of making money, most of the business owners increase the rate of the products just to overcome price of packaging.

Let’s sum it all up….

At the end, there are countless advantages of using paper bags and leave using plastic bags. Being a responsible human, it’s our duty to save our environment and live a healthy & safe life. So, let’s step forward in a direction of using only paper bags or jute bags and avoid using or purchasing plastic bags. Come on! GO GREEN!…