Send a dirt bag to your enemies or anyone you hate or dislike.

if you don’t like someone and want to fling some not so nice words at them then here is a way to convey your feeling anonymously. There are some people who really are dirtbags and also don’t know how much they irritate people around them. Maybe an indecorous beginning ca aid them in changing their behaviors. The astonishing dirtbag delivery service provides the perfect Dirtbag prank to give an honest message their way!

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You would not want this dirtbag to be sent to a naïve person. Check your order at least for 3 or 4 times before placing it. If you successfully place the order correctly, your role is done here. Simply sit at your home and relax since your enemies get bewildered by this weird bag of dirt. It is guaranteed that, there will not be any trace of breadcrumb that comes back to you. Though a wise plan for a mysterious prank, things can get wild if you there is any mistake while playing prank. Use the service to mail dirtbag in the guts that initiators planned, that of playing a riotous prank on people who have gently bothered you by being more successful or attractive. Don’t ever use this service for harassing or bullying other people as that makes you a true dirtbag, not them. Dirtbag delivery service doesn’t permit people under the age of 18 years to receive or send a dirtbag. But, as everyone know that ever grown-up persons can act foolishly on most events; hence think twice to ensure that your aim is a suitable dirtbag for this gift.

This pioneering dirtbag-delivery service will place you back by 4.99 USD, however will give you the huge satisfaction of allowing the receiver know that they’ve ruined the wrong person. The dirtbag service providers should think about increasing their service to convey more truthful messages to people. The exceptional dirtbag delivery service is totally mysterious. All you need to do is just ensure that you give or send accurate shipping address of the person whom you want to send this muddy gift. So that your gift can reach to the intended person.