Travelling via air is not a taboo anymore. People take flights according to their convenience and fly over to different parts of the world for various purposes. Do you know which factors determine the prices of your flight tickets? If not, then this write-up is for you to read.

  • Oil prices:

It holds the top position in the list of operating expenses. Jet’s fuel is certainly the top most factors that determine what the tickets will cost to the passengers. The more fuel required for the flight, the more will be air fare. It simply means that fuel consumption is directly proportional to the prices of air tickets.

  • Flight Distance:

This is one thing that everyone would agree with. It is a common sense, the more distance you travel via air; the more it would cost you as a passenger. If you travel shorter distance, you need to pay lesser amount. For the long distanced flights, one certainly needs to pay higher amounts.

  • Competitiveness:

With more carriers in the market, there is a competition between the service providers and it makes a good situation for the passengers. As simple as it is, the more carriers, the lesser prices passengers need to pay. It simply means if there are more service providers, it will definitely benefit the passengers. Competition between the service providers certainly creates a good situation for the passengers.

  • Timing of the bookings:

This is also one important factor that plays a crucial role in making the total amount of the ticket. It is generally seen that if you get the tickets booked at the last moment i.e. within the seven days of travel, you are bound to pay heft amounts for the booking. In case, you book your tickets two-three weeks before the departure, then probably you would require lesser amount to be paid for your travel.

  • Flight timings:

The time when you wish to travel also affects the cost of an air fare. Usually, the week days are considered low air fare days whereas the days allocated for holidays, vacations, Christmas and thanksgiving are considered the high fare days. If you are willing to plan your travel somewhere around holidays or for a summer vacation, then be mentally prepared to pay higher fares for your air travel.

Aforementioned are some of the factors that can affect your ticket prices to fly. In any situation you can call Easy Jet contact number if you want to get clarity on the prices of tickets you need to pay for your next travel. Moreover, there are many players in an aviation industry who you can connect with and plan your travel accordingly.