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As noted above, connected and intelligent cars are just beginning to make inroads in the auto industry, and already they have had a powerful impact on the way automakers are adjusting organizationally. Companies are envisioning a far different future than could have been imagined a decade or so ago. Two separate worlds are melding in order to design and develop Latest automobile news these cars: the traditional automotive company and software outfits. The industries bring with them conflicting cultures, product development models, and business operations. For example, car companies design their products once, in a painstaking five-year-long development cycle. Software companies like to fail and fix in a rapid product development process.

Yes, it’s true the vehicle can fly. It is known as the ‘AeroMobil 3.0′ and it is the first automobile that can actually fly. As you can see, the vehicle carries bikes review India qualifies from both an airplane and automobile perspective. It can fly and land in almost every airport in the world and can fit in any standard parking space and gasoline station.

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